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GIF: Miguel Cabrera, Brad Ausmus ejected after arguing with umpire Tim Timmons

The first #umpshow of the season reared its ugly head this afternoon.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

We have not seen Brad Ausmus get very animated this season. He scored just 1 out of 10 LEYLANDS in the "willingness to berate umpires" section of our highly scientific manager search analysis, and had not even come close to getting ejected from a game... until this afternoon.

With the game tied at seven in the top of the sixth inning, home plate umpire Tim Timmons called Ian Kinsler out on strikes after a check swing. Kinsler asked for an appeal, but did not get one.


As replays showed, Kinsler held his swing.


On the very next pitch, Timmons made a similar call on Miguel Cabrera for strike one.


Cabrera did not hold up his swing, but the damage was done. He was ejected, and Ausmus was soon to follow.



To call this a quick trigger by Timmons is an understatement. The video I recorded -- starting with Carlos Carrasco's pitching motion and ending with Ausmus' ejection -- is just 22 seconds long. Miggy and Ausmus may have mixed some nasty words in, but this is a complete farce.

Now, it may be fair to ask who peed in Timmons' oatmeal this morning, but I think Rod Allen said it best.