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What did Miguel Cabrera say that got him ejected?

It had to be something really bad.

Jason Miller

It's beyond coincidence at this stage. In the last two seasons, Miguel Cabrera, one of the games very best players, has been ejected mid-at-bat. One would assume this doesn't just happen flippantly. Despite what you may think, umpires aren't in the business of tossing someone on a whim. Miggy had to have said something pretty hurtful. What could he have said to Tim Timmons that got him ejected so fast?

You prefer to use Internet Explorer!

Not even Don Kelly likes you very much!

Are you blind? Mix in a carrot now and then!

It takes you three tries to put in a USB cable the right way!

You can't even get an appropriate amount of ice cubes from the refrigerator dispenser!

I bet the guy in the Dave Matthews Band 'Everyday' video refuses to hug you!

You suck at folding fitted sheets!

You look like the kind of guy who has opinions about soccer!

Nice arms there, Hochuli...psshhh!

Your pants are pleated!

Didn't I see you in a Little Caesars commercial?

What are you thinking?! Did your stock pile of Zima run out?!

I bet you pay someone else to change your windshield wiper blades!

Eject me all you want, but you still have to go home to Ohio!