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Phil Coke isn't going anywhere

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Ready to DFA Phil Coke? Great! But Dave Dombrowski isn't. So ... tough.

Jason O. Watson

Phil Coke stinks like a wet dog; like a pair of unwashed gym shorts that stayed in your locker for a hot, damp weekend; like a hockey locker room after a game. OK, nothing is that bad.

With an ERA of 6.75 this season, Phil Coke's just not any good. But he's not going anywhere -- at least not right away.

Dombrowski spoke with MLive's Steve Kaminski during a stop in West Michigan Thursday.

“Phil Coke is not our issue at this point," Dombrowski said. "I think people have a tendency to jump on situations and focus on individuals, and that’s pretty much the way it goes nowadays. But Phil Coke has had some struggles where he struggled early, but lately he has done a pretty good job for us. He has settled into a longer role, throws the ball hard. We will just wait and see what happens.”

So ... you're stuck with him. So is manager Brad Ausmus.

Sorry. But happy Friday, anyway!