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Robocop to throw out first pitch at Comerica Park on Tuesday

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He is now authorized to use physical force.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers return home to Comerica Park next week after a seven game west coast road trip. Leading the charge -- or throwing out the first pitch, at least -- will be none other than RoboCop. The subject and star of the 1987 hit film will make his debut at Comerica Park as a part of RoboCop Day, which is being held to commemorate the unveiling of a 10 foot RoboCop statue in downtown Detroit.

The statue itself was part of an online grassroots movement from Imagination Station, a non-profit arts organization, to commemorate the film. City officials first balked at the idea, but relented when the idea gained support. Organizers compared the proposal to the Rocky Balboa statue in downtown Philadelphia.

RoboCop Day will begin at noon on Tuesday with a presentation and statue announcement. Fans can take pictures with RoboCop from 12:30 to 1 p.m., when he will leave with the Detroit Police Department to begin protecting the city.

Calls to the Tigers requesting that RoboCop replace Phil Coke in the bullpen were not returned.