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Fortune's list of top 50 highest paid athletes in American sports includes Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander

In a list dominated by baseball salaries, Miguel Cabrera comes in at 35th overall, Justin Verlander 48th.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The annual listing by Sports Illustrated and Fortune of the top 50 highest paid athletes in American sports includes a pair of Detroit Tigers. Making the "Fortunate 50" list are Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander.

To be eligible, an athlete must be a U.S. citizen or play in a U.S. based league. Compensation was calculated by using (pre-tax) salary, winnings, bonuses and paid endorsements.

Cabrera is the top Tiger, ranked 35th overall in salary, moving up one slot from 2013.

Salary: $22,000,000
Endorsements: $800,000 (New Balance, Chrysler)
Total Earnings: $22,800,000

Verlander sneaks onto the list as the 48th highest paid American athlete, dropping ten spots from last year.

Salary: $20,000,000
Endorsements: $700,000 (Majestic, Chevrolet)
Total Earnings: $20,700,000

The list was dominated by MLB, baseball players taking 20 of the 50 slots. The highest paid player in MLB this season is Zack Greinke, 15th overall thanks to $28,000,000 in salary. The list of top earning baseball players has a few surprises, as long-term deals tend to be crapshoots. The worst example is Vernon Wells. Even though he's currently out of baseball, Wells is still raking in an absurd amount of cash.

1. (15) Zack Greinke, $28M
2. (17) Robinson Cano, $27M
3. (18) Ryan Howard, $26.1M
4. (22) Albert Pujols, $25.5M
5. (23) Cliff Lee, $25.270M
6. (25) Prince Fielder, $24.4M
7. (26) Joe Mauer, $24.3M
8. (27) CC Sabathia, $24M
9. (30) Felix Hernandez, $23.457M
10. (35) Miguel Cabrera, $22.8M
11. (36) Cole Hamels, $22.850M
12. (37) Mark Teixeira, $22.720M
13. (38) Clayton Kershaw, $22.7M
14. (41) Masahiro Tanaka, $22M
15. (42) Adrian Gonzalez, $21.425M
16. (43) Matt Kemp, $21.4M
17. (45) Jacoby Ellsbury, $21.212M
18. (47) Vernon Wells, $21M
19. (48) Justin Verlander, $20.7M
29. (50) Carl Crawford, $20.25M

As to who is the highest paid athlete in American sports? It's boxer Floyd Mayweather, who will clear at least $105 million for a pair of pay-per-view fights.