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Ian Kinsler on wave to Rangers' bench: 'I was just having fun'

The hotter than a firecracker Ian Kinsler claims he was just having fun with his wave to the Rangers' bench.

Cooper Neill

Last night Ian Kinsler addressed the infamous hand wave to the Texas Rangers' bench after homering in his first at-bat in his return to Arlington. He insists there was no ill-will, and was just having fun.

Via John Lowe of The Detroit Free Press:

"It just happened that way," Kinsler said Wednesday. "It came out that way. I was just having fun. It was my first at-bat back in the stadium that I’d spent eight years in. To be able to hit a home run, I was obviously excited and emotional. That’s just what happened. I was just enjoying the moment.

"I like to play with emotion. I think everyone I play with has seen that before. Sometimes those things just come out of me. It’s not like a premeditated thing. It just happens and go with it."

The victim of the home run, Rangers' pitcher Colby Lewis, came off sounding like a disappointed father.

"I love Kins and that’s all. I was just disappointed a little bit, that’s all."

Kinsler has not received the benefit of the doubt from the Rangers or manager Ron Washington. Their former second baseman previously voiced plenty of ill-will after his trade to Detroit. Kinsler vented his anger and frustration with Texas when speaking with ESPN during spring training, making news with a pair of controversial quotes.

"To be honest with you, I hope they go 0-162. I got friends, and I love my friends, but I hope they lose their ass."

"(Rangers' GM Jon) Daniels is a sleazeball."

For Kinsler, winning has been the best revenge. Thanks to his hot bat, he's played a large role in the Tigers regaining first place in the Central, and in taking the first two games of the series. During his Texas homecoming, Kinsler has set the table for the middle of the order by reaching base six times in ten plate appearances, scoring three runs while adding three RBI.

The 32-year-old Kinsler has been on a tear on the current road trip, hitting .455/.520/.864 (10-for-22) with two home runs and six RBI.