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Reminder: Payment is due for the 2014 meet-up!

Want to hang out? Buy your ticket(s) soon before it's too late!

Leon Halip

Hi everyone, just a reminder that ticket payment for the meet-up is due next week. I am trying to have everyone's payment ready for the Tigers by July 2.

In case you forgot the details, we are having the meet-up on Saturday, Aug. 2, and our tickets are in section 143, rows 40, 41, and 42 (seating chart). Tickets are $46 each.

If you already have tickets for the game or are planning to come and sit elsewhere, we've reserved space at Park Bar before the game; more details on that as we get closer to August.

For information on payment, please see this post from a few months ago. We still have a good amount of seats left (28 as of this morning), probably because I've been too lazy to hassle you all the time. Hope to see you there!