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Jose Iglesias out for remainder of 2014 season

He will not play before 2015, the Tigers' GM told the News.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers "do not plan" to have Jose Iglesias back 2014, team general manager Dave Dombrowski told Tony Paul of the Detroit News Wednesday morning.

"He is progressing as projected," Dombrowski said. "But we do not think he will be ready at any point this season to play."

The Tigers are expected to receive and speak about a more detailed report on Iglesias' injury today.

Iglesias has missed the entire season since being diagnosed with shin splints in February after playing in just one spring training game. The diagnosis was later upgraded to stress fractures in both legs.

The Tigers initially put a 4-6 month estimate on the injury, leaving hope he could return by the playoffs, though Dombrowski cautioned at the time Iglesias was likely done for the year.

With Iglesias gone, the Tigers have struggled at shortstop all year. Players at the position have collectively hit .191/.244/.240.  It's not that Iglesias could hit either, but at least he could field. Andrew Romine has filled the position since Alex Gonzalez was released from the team not long after being acquired in a trade.

However, the "all-glove" shortstop hasn't exactly wowed in that aspect either, leading to speculation about the promotion of Eugenio Suarez, who is batting .288/.360/.510 in 2014 having split time between Double-A Erie (42 games) and Triple-A Toledo (12).