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How many games will the 2014 Tigers win?

Here's your chance to adjust your preseason predictions.

Duane Burleson

After the first half of the season — OK, the first 56 percent of the season — the Tigers sit in first place with a 53–38 record. The road to that record was not a smooth one, with streaks of 14–3, 4–12, and 11–2, many have described this version of the Tigers as "streaky." Still, oftentimes in baseball the end justifies the means and right now the Tigers' overall pace has them on track for 94 wins and a comfortable first place finish in the AL Central.

Tonight, the boys begin the second half of the season — OK, the second 44 percent of the season — at home against the third-place Indians. Detroit will play 55 games in the next 55 days, with three off days being offset by three double-headers. Twenty-two of those games will be against division rivals, and then they'll finish off the season with almost a month of nothing but AL Central foes.

Our question to you, loyal reader, is a simple one; how do you think the Tigers will finish the 2014 regular season? Vote for a range in the poll, and let us know your exact number in the comments.