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Dan Dickerson weighs in on Soria

Dan Dickerson posted some worthwhile stats on Twitter about Joakim Soria that you should know about.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Those who listen to Dan Dickerson regularly already know that he's one of the few MLB broadcasters who embraces sabermetrics and advanced stats, and makes use of them regularly in his broadcasts and on Twitter.

Dickerson recently posted some relevant stats and player comparisons about the Tigers' newest acquisition, relief pitcher Joakim Soria. The long and short of it? Soria's good. Really, really good. Like, maybe even Mariano Rivera/Koji Uehara levels of goodness.

All of that to say this: I'm very much looking forward to hearing Dickerson let fly with his patented "SWIIIIING AND A MISS, HEEEEEE GOTTEM ON STRIKES!" call over and over and over again with Soria on the mound.