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Torii Hunter says he dresses better than Justin Verlander

Anything Justin Verlander can do, Torii Hunter says he can do better.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Torii Hunter hasn't yet been convinced that he's 39 years old and his hitting as of late has been speaking for itself. He's got that "Old Man Power" going for him.

Well, Hunter also believes he looks better than Justin Verlander in a suit and posted a picture of himself on Instagram. He even went so far as to say he outdresses Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera has not yet replied with photographic evidence to the contrary.

Wednesday Hunter took things a step further and dubbed the day as "Look Better Than Justin Verlander Day."

Verlander disagreed with that sentiment.

You be the judge.

On another note, after Wednesday's 115 victory over the Diamondbacks, J.D. Martinez posted a picture of the "Ice Tub Crew." At least they look a lot happier than any of us probably would be if we immersed ourselves in ice. Cabrera, for one, almost looks too happy. It might have something to do with that three-run home run he got in the game though.