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The Tigers like to party -- just like us!

After a three-game sweep of the A's, the Tigers had a party - just like us!

Tigers — they're just like us!

Sure, sure, there are a few things that separate the average Detroit Tiger from common folks like you and me — superior athletic ability, playing a game for a living, an annual salary differential of a few million bucks — but all in all, the Tigers are just like us! They go shopping! They listen to music! They have Instagram accounts!

After finishing the three-game sweep of the Oakland A's, several Tigers apparently headed over to the Casa de Sanchez for some kind of grill-out dinner party — just like us! Torii Hunter posted an after-party picture to his Instagram account, and it was beautiful. Notice how most of the guys here have the super-flash glowing eye thing going on? JUST LIKE US!


For those who need help identifying the individuals in the picture, here's a quick key:

1. Indifferent Jackson

2. Demon Suarez

3. Demon Cabrera

4. Pimp-master Martinez

5. Demon Holaday (dig the stogie in his right hand)

6. Bluto Chamberlain

7. The Most Interesting Sanchez in the World

8. Max Naga ... Naga ... Naganna-work-here-much-longer-I-fear

9. Old Man Hunter

10. The Pool Boy (I think)

11. Demon Avila

12. Jose Altuve

13. Popeye Davis

14. Photobomb Vizquel

Torii tagged his photo with the following hashtags: #hangingoutwithmybrothas #goodtimes #foodwasawesome #thanksAnabal #teamtigers

Question: if even Torii Hunter doesn't spell "Anibal" correctly, why the hell should we?