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The 2014 BYB Meet-up: Where and when to find us Saturday

Coming to the meet-up this Saturday? Find out where to go here.

Jason Miller

This year's meet-up falls on Fiesta Tigres as usual, plus it's Pudge figurine day.. what can I say, I know how to pick our days. I reserve the right to retract this claim if it does thunderstorm like the internet says it will.

Anyway, Cath and I will be at Park Bar, located at 2040 Park Ave (Bucharest Grill is the same building), starting around 4:00. We will have space reserved upstairs specifically for us. Please remember to tip your bartenders well, they graciously offered us a place to hang out at no charge. Even if you don't have a ticket with the group, you're welcome to come hang out. BYB staff Al, Hookslide, Dee, and Rob will all be there with me!

I know that lots of us will want to get into the park reasonably early but Cath finds figurines/bobbleheads creepy and she will be there until all tickets are handed out. Gates open at 5 and it's suggested you get there by then if you want a figurine. The onfield ceremonies will begin at 6:30, and there are fireworks after the game.

You can reach me on twitter @norunsupport and I'll also be tweeting from @blessyouboys - I'll get into town late Saturday morning. If you are late, we can arrange to meet at Gate C (Brush and Adams), which is closest to our seats in section 143. Thanks everyone, excited to hang out!