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Media reaction: Dave Dombrowski swings for the fences with David Price, countering Billy Beane and Jon Lester

The Athletics made huge media waves by acquiring Jon Lester this morning. The Tigers created a media tsunami by trading for David Price.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski swung for the fences today, trading two of his younger building blocks in Drew Smyly and Austin Jackson in order acquire the best starting pitcher on the trade market. Joining the Tigers already excellent starting rotation is 2012 Cy Young winner David Price from the Tampa Bay Rays.

You could take several reactions from what is a risky and controversial deal for Detroit.

It was Dombrowski's response to Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane's shot over the Tigers' bow in picking up battle tested starting pitcher Jon Lester from the Boston Red Sox.

Tyler Kepner, The New York Times:

The Oakland Athletics acquired an ace starter with a glittering World Series pedigree Thursday morning, and it may not have even been the most significant deal of the day.

In a dizzying spree of moves before the 4 p.m. Eastern time deadline for trades without waivers, the A’s got Jon Lester from the Boston Red Sox, while the Detroit Tigers countered by obtaining David Price from the Tampa Bay Rays.

The trade was the Tigers literally and figuratively going "all-in" this season in their attempt to win a World Series before octogenarian owner Mike Ilitch exits this mortal coil.


With a lineup anchored by Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez and Ian Kinsler -- and that remarkable rotation -- Detroit has remained in first place for almost all of 2014. The Tigers tried to shore up one trouble spot -- the bullpen -- by trading for Joakim Soria last week.

Now Detroit has emerged with Price in another bold move aimed at bringing a championship to the Motor City.

Knowing the odds are good Max Scherzer will walk after this season, Dombrowski acquired another unquestioned ace. Pirce is currently under team control until the end of the 2015 season, giving the Tigers additional time to negotiate a long-term deal.

Or could the deal be in response to Justin Verlander's struggles?

Dave Cameron, Fangraphs:

We can’t know that from the outside. The Tigers might not even know that with the information they have available. When it comes to pitcher health, all anyone can really do is guess, though a team’s guesses are far more educated than ours. That the Tigers pushed in on David Price seems to suggest that perhaps they aren’t 100% counting on Justin Verlander this October. At least, not as a starter.

As good as their rotation will be, the Tigers still have question marks. It starts with "Bull" and ends in "Pen."

By dealing their best defensive outfielder in Austin Jackson, there's something else to consider.

So you may get to know Ezequiel Carrera soon, who was blocked by Jackson and is hitting .307/.387/.422 at Triple-A Toledo.

To sum up what was a crazy couple of hours: