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MLB Starwars logos: Tigers are 'Joba' the Hutt

Via the KC Star we learned today a graphic artist recreated each MLB team's logo in a Star Wars theme. Fittingly for the home of Joba the Chamberlain, the Tigers took on the likeness of Jabba the Hutt.

But what about the rest of the Central Division?

The Indians are fittingly annoying, Jar Jar style:

The Twins are Jawa.

The White Sox are anonymous fodder for the good guys to destroy (sounds more like they should have been the Twins if you ask me).

And the Royals, naturally, take on the form of a princess. (Also acceptable: They should have been Alderaan exploding.)

My favorite? The Giants. Gotta be the Giants.

You can find them all at the artist's Instagram account: ak47_studios.