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Joe Nathan's questionable gesture

Joe Nathan's ongoing feud with the Tigers fanbase continues with flick of the chin.

Joe Nathan got into some trouble again on Wednesday night, putting two runners on base in the ninth with the Tigers leading the Pirates 8-4. The fans at Comerica let Nathan know how they felt, with boos when he failed and "Bronx cheers" when he would throw a strike or record an out.

After recording the final out of the game on a double play turned by Nick Castellanos, Nathan was caught on camera (subsequently posted to Vine Malinda Mosholder) making this gesture, twice:

Was that the well-known Italian hand gesture that means, to put it politely, "please go have carnal relations with yourself?"

Many in the fanbase apparently thought so.

Joe, Joe, Joe. Both on and off the field, you've got a long row to hoe.

Update: Nathan apologized on Thursday morning.