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Let's try this again: How many games will the 2014 Tigers win?

One month ago, at the end of the All Star break, we gave you the opportunity for a mulligan on your preseason predictions. A lot has changed since then, and I think it's time for another mulligan.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The last time we asked your opinion on the state of the Tigers, they had just wrapped up a first "half" in which they went 53-38 and held a 6.5 game lead in the AL Central Division. Since then, the Tigers signed Joakim Soria, traded Austin Jackson, Drew Smyly, and Willy Adames for David Price, signed Jim Johnson, placed Soria and Anibal Sanchez on the disabled list, watched Justin Verlander undergo his first injury-related MRI ever, and saw the major league debut of something called a Buck Farmer. More importantly, they've gone 13-18. They watched their lead in the division dwindle and vanish, and find themselves in second place, 1.5 games behind the Kansas City Royals.

In our last assessment, we asked you how many games you thought the Tigers would finish the season with. At the time, they were on pace to rack up 94 wins before the postseason began and, perhaps unsurprisingly, a majority of our readers voted that they would finish with 93 to 95 wins. Overall, 96.5 percent of you said the Tigers would win at least 88 games.


The last month has seen the Tigers season-long pace drop from 94 wins to 88 wins. If they were to continue the .419 pace they've posted since the All Star break over the final 40 games, they'd finish with only 83 wins.

So, given the rapid change of pace we've seen over the last 31 days we think it's time for another do-over. We ask you again, loyal reader; how do you think the Tigers will finish the 2014 regular season? Vote for a range in the poll, and let us know your exact number in the comments.