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Joba gets the K, then drops the F

Let's face it, if you got Martin Prado to strike out swinging, you'd use happy swears too.

Joba Chamberlain made no secret of the fact that he was looking forward to pitching against his old team in the four-game series against the Yankees, and on Tuesday night, he got his chance.

With two outs in the ninth, Chamberlain came in to face Martin Prado, and got him to strike out swinging at a nasty, vintage Chamberlain slider. Was Joba excited? You bet he was:

The powers that be at MLB have edited out the game audio in this clip, but lucky for you, I saved the audio clip before they could do their sanitization routine. Cover your ears, kids, there's some adult language here:

Check this out on Chirbit

I think I see a new meme on the horizon.

"Joba, did you just strike out Prado?" #F*ckYeah

"Joba, has your reclamation project been successful?" #F*ckYeah

"Joba, is that slider of yours filthy?" #F*ckYeah

"Joba, do you look like Yukon Cornelius?" #F*ckYeah