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A paranoid Chris Sale leads to the best of Binoculargate and Binoctober

Chris Sale is paranoid, believing the Tigers were stealing signs. Fans took his paranoia to the next level and Brad Ausmus called Sale's actions 'weak.'

Duane Burleson

Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale is tin-foil hat level paranoid. Paranoid enough to think the Detroit Tigers had a binoculars carrying spy in center field stealing signs. So he plunked Victor Martinez in retaliation.

Of course, the benches emptied.

Once things calmed down at Comerica Park, Binoculargate broke out on social media. In part thanks to their 6-1 victory, the Tigers are now playing for Binoctober!

There was more ridiculousness from Chris Sale after the game, denying his in-game histrionics were about the tipping of signs.

Brad Asumus found nothing funny in Sale's actions, shredding him during his post-game press conference.

The full transcription of Ausmus' comments on Sale.

At that point, the White Sox closed ranks and shut up.