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Robin Ventura fires back at Brad Ausmus' comments made about Chris Sale

White Sox manager Robin Ventura isn't happy about what Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said about his pitcher, Chris Sale, and he's letting the Tigers know it.

Duane Burleson

DETROIT — Tigers manager Brad Ausmus and White Sox manager Robin Ventura are fighting. Ausmus made it clear the events that unfolded during Wednesday night's game were unacceptable, calling the accusations, and the drilling of Victor Martinez, "weak."

Ventura fired back on Thursday in response to Ausmus' comments Wednesday night, adamantly defending his left-handed ace, Chris Sale.

"He's not weak and we don't do weak things," Ventura told White Sox reporters. "And Chris (Sale) doesn't do weak things. He should probably worry about his own team and investigate a little more in his own team. Don't worry about my team."

Sale hit Martinez in the sixth inning on Wednesday and the Tigers found out through one of the White Sox players that Sale thought Martinez was stealing pitches with help in center field. Martinez couldn't believe Sale was serious and Tigers players called the statements "ridiculous" and "far-fetched."

Ausmus did not hold back on his comments about the matter post-game, being about as opinionated as he had been all season on one subject, particularly when he is known for his even-keeled tone and demeanor.

"It's a little bit ludicrous to me that they would even make this claim, and I think it's a little weak that they would hit him," Ausmus said at the time. "If they injure Victor there and we're in the playoff hunt, that's bad news. I mean, that just can't happen. He (Sale) clearly did it on purpose, he made it obvious."

Tigers retaliated in the game by driving in six runs against the White Sox, taking the final series between the two teams for the season. Thursday during the first game against the Twins, Martinez hit a two-run home run in the first inning. Once in the dugout, Martinez gave a fake tip of the cap in the same direction that Sale had been motioning to Wednesday, as he smiled, shrugged, and shook his head. The teams won't meet again until April 17, 2015 at Comerica Park.