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Chances of Tigers in the American League Division Series are extremely good

The Tigers' chances of playing in the American League Division Series are extremely good.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

As frustrating as the Tigers' performance has been recently, losing two home games to the last place Minnesota Twins, the Tigers' chances of reaching the American League Division Series are extremely good.

The Tigers will send David Price to the mound on Sunday to face the Twins and rookie pitcher Kyle Gibson. If the Tigers win on Sunday, they are American League Central Division Champions for the fourth year in a row. They would then open the ALDS at Baltimore on Tuesday, October 2.

Should the Tigers lose a third straight game to the Twins at home — and the Kansas City Royals defeat the Chicago White Sox in Chicago — the Tigers would be tied with the Royals for the AL Central Division crown. Game 163 would be played on Monday, at Detroit, to determine the division winner. It would be Justin Verlander's turn to pitch for Detroit.

If the Tigers should lose on Sunday at home to the Twins, and lose again on Monday to the Royals, they would still qualify as the first wild card seed. They would then play on Tuesday against the Oakland A's or the Seattle Mariners, again at Detroit in the wild card playoff game. Max Scherzer would be scheduled to pitch for the Tigers.

The winner of the wild card playoff game would open the ALDS on Thursday, October 2nd, in Anaheim against the Angels. It would then be Rick Porcello's turn in the rotation, but you can bet that the Tigers would skip Porcello at least once — if not twice — during the series, and go back to the rotation of Price, Scherzer, and Verlander for the playoff series.

How far do you think the Tigers will go in the playoffs in 2014?