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Remaining schedule favors Tigers over Royals

With just 19 games remaining on the schedule, here are five reasons that the schedule favors the Tigers over the Royals.

Brian Blanco

With just 19 games remaining on the Detroit Tigers' schedule this season (and 21 games remaining for the Kansas City Royals) there are reasons for optimism for Tigers fans. Here are five of them.

1. The Tigers are done with the AL East and the AL West. KC has to host the Boston Red Sox for four games. They are 0-3 against the Red Sox this season.

2. The Royals don’t get to play the Minnesota Twins any more. Detroit has seven more games against the Twins.

3. Detroit plays 13 of their final 19 games at Comerica Park. The Royals have 10 home and 11 away. One of those road games was a home game, but is now suspended, to be completed in Cleveland with the Indians leading by two runs going to the bottom of the 10th inning.

4. The Tigers finish with seven games at home. The Royals finish with seven games on the road.

5. The Royals have just one day off remaining this season, while the Tigers have two. This could be important, not just from a fatigue standpoint, but skipping that fifth starter as necessary.

In addition to all of the above, the Tigers and Royals play each other six times. Detroit has won nine of the 13 games so far this season between the two teams.

As far as the wild card is concerned, the Seattle Mariners have perhaps the toughest schedule remaining, with seven games against the Angels and three against Oakland.

Here is a handy composite schedule for the American League's contenders:

Date Detroit Kansas City Cleveland Los Angeles Oakland Seattle
9/8 KC @Det LAA# @Cle# @ChW Hou
9/9 KC @Det Min @Tex @ChW Hou
9/10 KC @Det Min @Tex @ChW Hou
9/11 --- Bos Min @Tex @ChW ---
9/12 Cle Bos @Det Hou @Sea Oak
9/13 Cle Bos @Det Hou @Sea Oak
9/14 Cle Bos @Det Hou @Sea Oak
9/15 @Min ChW @Hou Sea --- @LAA
9/16 @Min ChW @Hou Sea Tex @LAA
9/17 @Min ChW @Hou Sea Tex @LAA
9/18 --- --- @Hou Sea Tex @LAA
9/19 @KC Det @Min @Tex Phil @Hou
9/20 @KC Det @Min @Tex Phil @Hou
9/21 @KC Det @Min @Tex Phil @Hou
9/22 ChW @Cle+ KC+ @Oak LAA @Tor
9/23 ChW @Cle KC @Oak LAA @Tor
9/24 ChW @Cle KC @Oak LAA @Tor
9/25 Min ChW --- --- @Tex @Tor
9/26 Min ChW TB @Sea @Tex LAA
9/27 Min ChW TB @Sea @Tex LAA
9/28 Min ChW TB @Sea @Tex LAA

+Kansas City and Cleveland will complete a suspended game on Sept 22 with Cleveland leading, 4-2, going to the bottom of the 10th inning with the Royals coming up, then play their regularly scheduled game.
#The Angels play one make up game on Sept 8 at Cleveland. 6/18 game was postponed.