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Detroit Tigers links: Help us, Shane Greene!

A career year from Shane Greene would be really nice; Jose Iglesias is still on track to return in 2015; the Tigers signed Josh Wilson to a minor league deal; and more!

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Alright, everyone, back in the saddle for another week! I know no one really likes a Monday, but look at this way: if we just keep pushing forward, we've only got six more Mondays left before spring training kicks off and we start to get a few more peeks at what the 2015 Tigers will look like.

Onward, then!

Detroit Tigers Need A Break Out Year From Shane Greene

The starting rotation has at least one ace that can be counted on, but "it remains to be seen if Justin Verlander can bounce back and whether or not Anibal Sanchez can stay healthy for an entire season," not to mention "Alfredo Simon's second-half swoon with the Cincinnati Reds last season may raise a few red flags as well."

Fair enough. Let's hope Greene is absolute nails in 2015.

Tigers: Iglesias on target for return to full health

A quick study in how to say everything and nothing: Kevin Rand is quoted in the article as saying "[Iglesias has] progressed exactly as we'd anticipated," but they also need to "find out if he'll be able to handle the everyday stress of playing," and in the end, "nobody knows that (for certain) until you get to that point."

Bonus report on Miguel Cabrera: Rand says Miggy will "see Dr. Anderson next month and hope the CT scan will show that everything's well and that he can move into a full weight-bearing program," although, Henning writes, the Tigers "cannot say with assurance their spotlight hitter will be 100 percent on Opening Day."

Max Scherzer Going Back to Detroit Tigers? Team Official May Have Spilled the Beans

I'm not sure that a Tigers official telling Tony Paul that the team "has to have" Scherzer constitutes spilling the beans, but it's obvious that we're all going to be watching the Max Scherzer/Scott Boras situation with keen interest until something definitive happens.

With the majority of the MLB offseason moves already completed, Scherzer definitely has the spotlight all to himself right now.

Tigers agree to deal with infielder Josh Wilson

It's a minor league deal, and Wilson is 33 years old, but hey, depth is depth, right?

Here's a link to Wilson's Baseball Reference stats page if you want to get a bit of a closer look.

Mickey Stanley to receive first Tigers Legends Award

In other news, apparently there's a Tigers Legends Award. Assuming that one of the prerequisites for receiving the award is that you have to be alive (thus ruling out names like Ty Cobb, Hank Greenberg, Charlie Gehringer, etc.), I'm still a little surprised that the very first one of these awards didn't go to -- for example -- Al Kaline.

Not to knock Mickey Stanley. If you don't already know the story of how he helped the Tigers win the 1968 World Series by doing a Reverse Peralta -- moving from left field to play shortstop -- I'm sure one of the veterans in our BYB community will be happy to fill you in. It really is a cool story.

That's all she wrote for today, folks. Keep the countdown going!