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BYB introduces Emily Waldon!

Contract specifics were not released, but it is believed to be an incentive-laden deal with an invite to spring training.

Expect more great shots like this from Emily  in 2015!
Expect more great shots like this from Emily in 2015!
Emily Waldon

The Tigers aren't the only ones filling out their roster for the 2015 season! Bless You Boys has added a new writer to its ranks, and her name is Emily Waldon. She will introduce herself below, but here are the basics: she's a baseball nerd (like us!), she knows the West Michigan Whitecaps like the back of her hand, and she has shown no hesitation to make fun of Kurt at every opportunity. That last fact drew the eyes of our scouting department, and we pulled out all the stops in order to bring her aboard.

You may know Emily from a few other outlets. She will chat your ear off on Twitter (and has a plus-plus Twitter handle), and writes a weekly column for the Greenville Daily News. She's also into photography and has taken some killer shots at Whitecaps games in recent seasons. Emily will provide a new dynamic for us, as she has already landed an interview and podcast guest spot with relief prospect Joe Mantiply. We're excited to have her, and she seems equally ready to get started!

Here's Emily:

Looking back, I can’t recall a time when baseball wasn’t a part of my life.

Growing up as the daughter to an Illinois and an Arkansas transplant to West Michigan, our home didn’t hold any generation old allegiances to a specific team, so the discovery of the game was fresh.

I am the third of seven children and spent the majority of my childhood with my four brothers.

My mission evolved from boasting about my ability to out throw the neighbor boys to gaining an invested (and self-proclaimed geeky) interest in the intricate details of the game I had grown up watching. To this day, my friends are known to pass a blank expression in my general direction as I excitedly explain my latest findings regarding on-base percentages.

Outside of my treasured role with the crew at BYB, I also maintain a weekly freelance column and photography for the Greenville Daily News in Greenville, Michigan, as well as holding a management position in the automotive industry.

While waiting for Spring Training, I can be found drinking too much coffee, bleeding Maize and Blue and cheering on those pesky and endearing Detroit Lions."

Once again, be sure to follow Emily on Twitter at @wefoundwaldo2.