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Detroit Tigers Links: Max Scherzer, Don Kelly, ex-Tigers

Max Scherzer signed with the Washington Nationals; Don Kelly signed with the Miami Marlins

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There are times in life when you can have a virtual certainty about an event that's about to take place, and still be shell-shocked when that event becomes reality. The recent of news of Max Scherzer signing with the Washington Nationals certainly seems to fit in this category. We knew he wasn't coming back to Detroit, right? I mean, there was very little question. But now that the deal is done ... well, the reality is still sinking in for the Tigers fanbase.

Was it the biggest signing of the offseason? Given the number of national media outlets that are covering the story, that might be a reasonable guess.

Max Scherzer Set to Give Nationals an Overpowering Rotation

What wins championships? Starting pitching: "There is no certain formula for October success, but the Nationals are betting on starting pitching as the critical factor. Their new contract agreement with Max Scherzer ... gives them an overpowering rotation." Don't forget, the Nationals have Doug Fister as well, which gives them two-fifths of the same starting rotation that the Tigers had in 2013.

Quick, someone hide Anibal Sanchez in a closet.

Max Scherzer signing guarantees Nationals nothing

Of course, then there's the opposite perspective, which -- oddly enough -- is just as applicable to the Tigers in 2015: "We’ll all be stunned if the Nationals fail to win the National League East this year ... That’s what the Scherzer signing virtually guarantees them, barring horrible luck. But does a rotation packed with aces and near-aces assure greatness, success, improvement over what the team accomplished last year? Eh. None of us knows what’s going to happen, ever, with anything."

Dombrowski: Max Scherzer-to-Nats didn't surprise Tigers

I think we all knew this about the David Price acquisition last July, but at least now we have Dombrowski confirming it outright: "'That's why we went out and pursued David Price last year,' Dombrowski said. 'Not only to help us last year but, as we said at the time, he puts us in position that protects us from next year (should Scherzer sign elsewhere). We made a real run to sign Max last spring and it didn't work ... So we got David Price and we think he's a comparable pitcher to Max Scherzer.'"

Report: Ilitch lost interest when Scherzer nixed offer

It's the stuff of "insider sources," but it's still interesting: "Morosi writes ... 'after Scherzer said no to that sum, sources say Ilitch never became fully re-engaged in trying to retain him — financially and perhaps emotionally, as well.'"

I guess you don't say no to Ilitch when he's got a "hot-n-ready deal," eh?

Max Scherzer is great, but the Nats pitching staff won't be better than it was last year

Yet another dissenting view. The Nationals already had a super-great rotation, right? "Washington was already the favorite to repeat as NL East champions ... and bringing in Scherzer helps the club guarantee it will have the best pitching staff in baseball again in 2015. But it ultimately represents more rotation depth for a team that already had plenty. And until we learn what else the Nationals have in mind ... it’s hard to see why they’re obviously a better team today than they were heading into October."

But the Scherzer/Nationals signing wasn't the only big news for Tigers fans this week:

Longtime Detroit Tigers utility player Don Kelly signs minor-league deal with Miami Marlins

In the end, I suppose it's just business: "It's very likely that Kelly could have returned to the Tigers on a minor-league deal, but in the end he decided the Marlins were a better fit for him. His return to the big leagues with the Tigers would have been complicated by the trades for Yoenis Cespedes and Anthony Gose as well as the emergence of prospects Tyler Collins and Steven Moya."

Don Kelly says he's signed with Miami Marlins

Ah, memories: "While mostly an outfielder, third baseman and first baseman, Kelly played every position but shortstop for Detroit. He even caught a game in 2011, the same year he pitched in a game — an one-batter cameo in a rout by the Mets in late June." We'll always have "Don Kelly, Ace Relief Pitcher" to keep in our scrapbooks. We're gonna miss you, Donnie Kelly Baby.

That's it for today's headlines. Can it just be time for Spring Training now?