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Reintroducing the BYB top Tigers countdown

Last year, we counted down (or up) the top 50 Tigers of all-time. We're adding to the list in 2015.

Darryl Norenberg-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers were quiet for most of the offseason last year, which left us a lot of free time. While some blogs took breaks, here at BYB we passed the time by compiling a list of the best 50 Tigers players of all-time. It started easily enough; I wrote a post similar to this one, set up a poll, and Ty Cobb took the vote in a landslide. From then on, we added a player or two to the poll everyday, and profiled the Tigers great that won the vote. We capped the voting at #50 with the legendary Mark Fidrych, a household name to any true Tigers fan.

While 50 is a nice, round number, I never felt great about capping the list there. With 114 seasons of Tigers baseball to cover and so many great players in their history, there are many players that still deserve to be recognized. Because of this and your generous outpouring of support for the first 50 posts, we're bringing back the countdown. The posts may not be as consistent in 2015, but my goal is to eventually cap our countdown at 100 players.

For those that missed the countdown in 2014, here is how I prefaced our first vote.

And this is the beauty of it. There is (pretty much) no wrong answer. Want to pick someone based entirely on stats? Go ahead! Think another player deserves the honor because of the era he played in? Fire away! The poll is your voice, and the comments are your arena. When Tiger #1 is profiled, a new poll will be posted and more names will be added, and so on.

Have at it, BYB! Who's the #51 Tiger of all-time?