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Detroit Tigers links: Gorzelanny, Gorzelanny, Gorzelanny!

The Tigers did an offseason thing, and it involves Tom Gorzelanny.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

It turns out the Tigers weren't finished adding pieces to the 2015 roster puzzle yet after all. The big news this week is the signing of left-handed reliever Tom Gorzelanny, formerly of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Here's your Wednesday headline links round-up on the topic du jour:

Tigers ink Gorzelanny to one-year deal to boost 'pen

Hey, here's a fun fact for you: "He's the first free-agent lefty the Tigers have signed to a guaranteed contract in 13 years under Dombrowski."

Tigers sign LH reliever Tom Gorzelanny to one-year deal

Says Henning, "Gorzelanny said Tuesday the Tigers were an easy and appealing choice." Seems like Detroit is the place to be these days!

Detroit Tigers sign reliever Tom Gorzelanny to one-year deal, designate Luke Putkonen for assignment

Writes Schmehl: "The addition of Gorzelanny gives the Tigers a veteran left-handed reliever who could serve as a potential replacement for left-hander Phil Coke, a free agent who isn't expected to return to Detroit this season." Dombrowski is saying elsewhere that Coke isn't necessarily for-sure ruled out, but I think this Gorzelanny signing pretty much says it all.

Tigers add to bullpen mix, signing lefty Tom Gorzelanny to a one-year deal

"For fans who were clamoring for the Detroit Tigers to get around to shoring up their bullpen at the start of the offseason, the mantra 'bullpens are built in January' didn't seem to be enough. But they are." And aren't we glad to see it!

That was it for Tigers news yesterday.

No, really that was all.


Ok, fine, one more link, but you're not going to like it.

With latest vote, Trammell's Hall chances dwindle

Our old friend has one more year on the ballot. Personally, I think the Tigers should retire his number and give him a statue at Comerica this year, just to send a strong hint to the BBWAA.

I'll launch the Kickstarter.