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The Sporting News picks Cubs over Tigers in 2015 World Series

Technically they picked the #Tjgers, but we'll count it.

Quick show of hands: how many of you would pick the Tigers to go to the 2015 World Series right now? As far-fetched as this sounds to us, think about how wild it would be if they played -- wait for it -- the Chicago Cubs. Yes, the Cubs. Those same Cubs that haven't won a World Series since 1908.

Well, people think they're going to be good soon. The Sporting News? They're the news outlet wearing a lampshade on their head at a party whilst holding a 40. No, they're not drunk, they're just really excited to be here.

Tigers 2015 World Series

For an organization that is picking the Cubs to win the World Series, the rest of their playoff teams are fairly conservative. The White Sox and Red Sox are two of the biggest movers of the offseason, while the Seattle Mariners were a game away from making the postseason in 2014. The four non-Cubs playoff teams from the National League were in the postseason last year.

What do you think? Could this really happen in 2015?

h/t @Brandon_Warne