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Detroit Tigers Links: trade Joakim Soria?

ZiPS projects an "off peak" Tigers team; the Tigers could get something for Joakim Soria; the Cardinals may be looking at David Price; watch out for Austin Kubitza

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, my lovelies, I have a fresh package of links for you. Who brought the donuts? Nigel? Seriously, Nigel, it was your turn to bring the donuts!

(Aren't you absolutely relieved that spring training is only a little more than a month away?)

Alright, well why not start things off with a bit of doom and gloom?

Holes, weaker rotation could doom Tigers, metrics say

Quote from Dan Szymborski: "I think [the Tigers are] a minor favorite ... But they're off peak now. You see the holes start adding up and the lack of depth starting to matter." On the bright side, at least Justin Verlander is projected to have more of a return-to-form year.

Why the Detroit Tigers Should Trade Joakim Soria

Here's the jist of it: Soria's a closer, the Tigers aren't going to use him as a closer, the Blue Jays need a closer, Gorzelanny "is not the deadly southpaw Detroit is searching for," but Jays lefty reliever Brett Cecil probably is. So, who's up for a Soria-for-Cecil trade?

Cardinals have eyes on Tigers' David Price?

If it means the Tigers can focus on getting Max Scherzer, I'm guessing they'd be more than happy to discuss some trade options with the Cardinals for David Price. I'm still betting it won't happen, though.

Unlike La Russa, Leyland not interested in front-office role

Leyland: "My forte was to manage the team. I thought that's where I belonged. To run a front office and run the entire Minor League system, oversee everything, I just don't think [it would work]." Also, they don't let you smoke in offices anymore, so forget that idea.

Tigers pitching prospect Kubitza is no straight shooter

Kubitza learned to throw a two-seam fastball, and now he's got himself a shot at a career. Wasn't this also the plot of Mariano Rivera's life story? Anyway, keep your eyes on Kubitza in 2015.

And with that, I wish you a warm weekend that does not mostly involve shoveling snow!