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The 25 worst things that happened to the Tigers in 2015

This was a therapeutic exercise.

Duane Burleson/Getty Images

In a lost season, there is plenty of sadness. As the eternal pessimist, I took it on myself to concisely rank these happenings in order of depression. Let the schadenfreude commence. And feel free to add your own or re-rank in the comments!

25. Anthony Gose's defense

I thought it was good. It wasn't.

24. The 11-2 start to the season

So much false hope. So much smack talk that I paid for the rest of the year.

23. Selling at the deadline

The Tigers did a great job at the trade deadline. But the fact we had to sell was a tough pill to swallow.

22. Nick Castellanos' defense

Just because it was better doesn't mean it was good.

21. Jose Iglesias' second half

The first half was probably a mirage but I would request something in the middle.

20. May 28th through June 5th

19. Randy Wolf

We had to pay for Randy Wolf. If we were really mailing it in that bad couldn't we get someone cool like Barry Zito or un-retire Kenny Rogers? What about Jamie Moyer?? Jamie Moyer would have paid the Tigers to pitch.

18. Joe Nathan injury

Don't laugh, he was at least our 4th best reliever. RIP Joe.

17. Comerica Park falling apart

Decent metaphor for the season.

16. Netali Feliz

More on the relief pitchers later, but he gets his own ranking. Congrats!

15. Alex Avila's injury

James McCann's emergence softened the blow, but tough way to go out for Alex. Takes more hits than any catcher I have ever seen. He is the Dan Cleary of baseball.

14. Anibal Sanchez

13. Tigers Threaten But Do Not Score

12. All of the double plays

See above.

11. Bruce Rondon's lack of hustle

I really want to find out exactly what happened here.

10. Alfred Simon

9. Shane Greene

Hey look, its the third starting pitcher on the list. #NEVERFORGET

8. Jose Iglesias - James McCann fight

Let's take two of everyone's favorite players and have them fight. That should clear up any doubt of how this season is going.

7. July 10th, 2015

The day the season died.

6. Ausmus kept for 2016

5. The relief pitching

I did debate ranking just about everyone but it seemed excessive.

4. Victor Martinez not healthy

From runner up MVP to 135 year old man in one 4 year contract extension!

3. Justin Verlander injury

The first half might have been different. Pretty heavy emphasis on might.

2. Dave Dombrowski fired

I may feel more strongly about how bad of an idea this is than others, but the track record speaks for itself. Also he went to Boston. God I hate Boston. Couldn't he go somewhere inconsequential?

1. Miguel Cabrera injury

First time on the DL in his career. In the middle of another massive season. And once we sold, he would have been thoe only highlight to watching the games. Absolutely brutal.