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Can you name every player that played at least one game for the 2015 Tigers?

How soon we forget...

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This wasn't a pretty season. I'm sure many of us would like to block it out of our memories. Therefore, it is probably best to do this quiz before we brainwash ourselves into believing that the 2015 Detroit Tigers were merely a nightmare gone horribly wrong (well, they were in a figurative sense, but I meant a literal nightmare).

This season, there were 47 players who took the field for our team at one time or another. Some of them probably didn't belong on a major league roster, but I'll stop editorializing before I name any names, which would be in violation of this unwritten rule I created: never directly name any of the answers, no matter how obvious they may be. Yeah, I know, most of you hate unwritten rules, but please put the pitchforks down. After all, since I actually just typed out the rule above, it's is no longer unwritten! Crisis resolved!

Well, that was a strange way to start this out! Non-existent, literally figurative nightmares! Un-unwritten rules! Major league players that really aren't, except that they are! And all for a very basic, simplistic quiz! (And now I'm overusing exclamation marks! I guess you should just read this paragraph in Dan Dickerson's voice!)

Now take the quiz. Please.