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Detroit Tigers links: Nothing is hotter than Daniel Murphy

A Royals-Mets World Series? We all had that one, right?

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it doesn't appear we will be having nearly the drama we witnessed in the divisional round. With Tuesday's results, the Royals and Mets lead their respective Championship Series 3-1 and 3-0 over the Blue Jays and Cubs. With Kansas City's unending ability to generate runs and the arms that the Mets employ, these series look all but over.

Outside of a Johnny Cueto blow up, the Kansas City Royals have been downright terrifying.  They are a threat to score at any point in their lineup and generate runs in every way imaginable. When their starting pitchers bridge to that bullpen, it is over. When you have an opposing team pitching a position player in the ALCS, you are doing something right.

Meanwhile, the Mets have done it with pitching and timely hitting. The young arms of Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard have been better than advertised and Jeurys Familia appears unhittable. Oh yeah, and they have Daniel Murphy, who apparently has become the greatest baseball player ever to pick up a bat.

Here is a list of things that Daniel Murphy is hotter than:

  • The Human Torch
  • Mount Vesuvius
  • Blake Lively or Ryan Gosling (depending on your preference)

  • And basically every baseball player who has ever played in the MLB playoffs

So, your 2015 World Series is (probably) the Kansas City Royals versus the New York Mets. Just like we all drew it up. The matchup should be an intriguing contrast of pitching against hitting and will have a team winning their first championship in 30 years. Oh yeah, and if either of these teams collapse and lose, please don't tweet me about how I wrote this blog with such conviction. I will still be recovering from Saturday.

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