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Tigers' Shane Greene resumes throwing nearly 10 weeks after season-ending surgery

Greene appears to be on track for a return in spring training 2016.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Shane Greene underwent surgery in his right shoulder for a pseudoaneurysm in his circumflex artery on Aug. 27 and was shut down for the rest of the 2015 season. Since then he hadn't picked up a baseball ... until Nov. 2, when he announced on his Twitter account that he'd resumed throwing for the first time since Aug. 17.

At the time of his injury, Greene was expected to be ready for spring training 2016. The Detroit Tigers haven't released the dates for when pitchers and catchers report just yet -- they usually do sometime in November -- but barring any unforeseen circumstances, Greene should be ready for the next season.

Dr. Greg Pearl at the Texas Vascular Associates in Dallas, TX performed Greene's surgery. Greene's injury landed him on the DL while he was in Triple-A Toledo, but the issue had been present since as early as May -- the first time he'd dealt with numbness in his fingers -- and leading up to the surgery.

At the time of the injury, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand described the symptoms as not being a common occurrence. The numbness Greene was feeling was due to blood clots that were preventing the blood flow to his index and middle fingers of his throwing arm.

The timetable for Greene to pick up a baseball again was Oct. 27, two months from the date of his surgery. That Greene has picked up throwing again so close to the anticipated date of being able to throw again is a good sign. If all goes well, he should join the pitching staff in Lakeland Fla., whenever the team reports for spring training.