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Help create Bless You Boys' offseason plan!

The internet wants us to predict free agent signings for 2016, so we're asking the internet for help.

Don't choose Randy Wolf.
Don't choose Randy Wolf.
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

We're all about user interaction here at Bless You Boys, and there's a lot of give and take involved. Over the past few weeks, one of the most consistent queries we have received across all mediums of social media has been "who will the Detroit Tigers sign this offseason?" While we hear inklings from time to time, the real answer is that no one knows what exactly general manager Al Avila has up his sleeve.

Still, the internet persists. Our adoring fans and vocal detractors both want to know who our staff thinks the Tigers should acquire. We offered up our collective opinion, but, like an actual front office, there was a lot of disagreement and no unified plan.

That's where you come in.

Like any great baseball front office, we're going to listen to the demands of the people. Our friends at Lookout Landing crowdsourced ideas for an offseason plan that turned out an absolutely bangin'  roster, and we want to do the same.

In the high-tech suggestion box below, please enter your idea -- one! we're looking for brevity here -- for what the Tigers should do. Be specific! If you're trading players, include everyone! If you're signing a free agent, include years and dollar amounts! You're an important part of this internet front office, and your ideas are important (and probably better than ours anyway).

For reference, here's a list of current free agents available.