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Detroit Tiger Links: Gifts for your favorite Tigers

Happy Holidays!

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Christmas is almost here and we are all hoping Santa delivers what we really want. Here are my wishes for some of the Tigers as they celebrate the holidays.

Victor Martinez: A new leg

Or just a healthy one. Either way, it was overly apparent that Martinez was never right in 2015. Hopefully with a full off season of recovery and/or a new surgically attached leg, Victor will be back to mashing.

Miguel Cabrera: Victor's new leg

What do you get the man who has everything? How about some additional protection in the lineup. J.D. has been a godsend for the Tigers' offense but without Cespedes (probably) the Tigers need someone to punish teams that pitch around Miggy.

Nick Castellanos: A new glove

That should cover it.

Anibal Sanchez: A bigger ball park

Sanchez gave up the 6th most home runs in the league last year with 29 in 25 games after never allowing more than 20. Maybe if they pushed those walls back to where they used to be a couple of those wouldn't have gone out.

Justin Verlander: A selfie stick

Anthony Gose: All of the ducks

If you haven't heard, Anthony Gose loves to hunt. LOVES IT. Might love it more than baseball. So I hope he has a happy hunting season. Have Santa throw in some camo too.

Mike Ilitch: A Championship

This is straight forward. He has poured his heart, soul, and millions of hot and readys into this team.

J.D. Martinez: Sleeves

Just kidding, if I was that yacked, I'd give up sleeves forever.

Daniel Norris: Sustainably created uniforms

Also vegan catering, excess van parts, a new surf board, a trip to Portland and all of the Patagonia.

Gift for the author: Millions of dollars

Just kidding, I'll settle for some damn baseball. Two months until pitchers and catchers report!

More Lobstein reaction

With a couple more days to digest the move to send Kyle Lobstein to the Pittsburgh Pirates for cash, the reaction has turned more positive. Despite offering a number of solid starts for the Tigers, 6th most on the team, Lobstein's  peripherals simply weren't that great. Additionally, the Tigers appear to have significantly more starting pitching depth (and hopefully less injuries), making Lobstein expendable. Kudos to Kyle for thanking the organization and moving forward.

White Sox stay active

It appears that the White Sox may not be done as they have expressed interest in Alex Gordon. Feel free to stop signing players, AL Central. In other Sox news, Fangraphs has a less than glowing review of Avisail Garcia. Despite speed and perceieved power, Garcia simply hasn't panned out. Score another one for Dombrowski.

Other free agent ramblings

Mike Leake just made 80 million dollars, which now sets the market for average pitchers at 16 million dollars a year. Baseball money man (NSFW language as Lil Wayne removes ceilings). Along with Alex Gordon, Yoenis Cespedes continues to be available with a number of teams in the running. And the Marlins are raising the price on Jose Fernandez. As they should. Because they shouldn't trade their other franchise corner stone.