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Caption Contest: Joe Nathan infiltrates winter meetings

What do you think Joe and Brad are talking about here?

Old friend (?) alert. Joe Nathan has made his way to Nashville to lobby for a bullpen spot after recovering from his second Tommy John surgery. BYB old friend Allison Hagen captured this picture of Nathan courting a potential suitor.

Oh god, that's Brad Ausmus. I'm sure this conversation went swimmingly. Something along the lines of:

  • "Come on Brad, you know Ilitch has the money"
  • "I'm going to permanently glue my face to the scoreboard if you don't sign me"
  • "Why is Kate Upton working Mondays at the Grand Ole Opry?"
  • "Bud Light is the Miguel Cabrera of light beers"

Anyway, this picture is BEGGING for a caption contest, so please let us know what these two were discussing in the comments below.