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Biggest questions about the 2015 Detroit Tigers from your mom

Mom digs deep into the nitty-gritty of the upcoming season.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Q: So, do you think your Tigers are going to be good this year?

A: Well, maybe not as good as they were the last couple years. They lost some good starting pitching. The experts say they should win about 85 games.

Q: Oh, is that good?

A: It's medium good, mom. The Tigers will be medium good this year.

Q: Oh, that's terrific. Do they still have Brandon Inge? I always liked him. Such great hustle.

A: No mom, he hasn't played for the Tigers since 2012.

Q: Well how about that boy who was with Kate Upton? Are they still dating?

A: His name is Justin Verlander and he's a Cy Young and MVP winner. Yes, he's still dating Kate and he's 31 years old now.

Q: Do they still have that large mexican fellow? Marcel or Manuel or whatever?

A: You are thinking of Miguel Cabrera and he's Venezuelan. He's also the best hitter in the game and a top 10 Tiger of all time, mom. And yes, he'll probably be playing for the Tigers until 2023.

Q: Well isn't that terrific!?

A: Um, kinda...

Q: Is it pretty expensive to go to games at Tigers Stadium?

A: They haven't played in Tigers Stadium in 15 years. They play at Comerica Park now. And tickets range from about $80 for really good seats to around $30 for the upper deck.


A: Yes, mom. Per person.

Q: That's outrageous, how can these owners look themselves in the mirror!?

A: Well, prices on everything go up over time especially with the growing know what? These are pro sports people who don't have souls so they can't see their reflections in a mirror.

Q: Are you sassing me?

A: No, mom.

Q: You know, when I was your age tickets were $5 and hot dogs were 50 cents. Your dad and I used to put the on radio and listen to Ernie Harwell all summer. The Tigers had some amazing teams back then and the guys used to work hard for reasonable pay. None of this big money and lollygagging like that have now.

A: That's not a question, mom.

Q: Oh, stuff it. Do they show the games on TV?

A: Yes

Q: What channel are they on?

A: Fox Sports Detroit usually.

Q: No, I mean, what channel are they on?

A: I don't know, mom. What cable provider do you have?

Q: Do we have cable? I'd have to ask dad.

A: lifts hand with palm up and shakes head slowly while wincing

Q: You aren't drinking too much beer, are you honey?

A: No, mom

Q: Boy, that Ausmus sure is a load of eye candy, isn't he?!