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Detroit Tigers February 2015 approval poll: GM Dave Dombrowski

It's time to take the pulse of the Tigers' fanbase again.

Jorge Lemus/Getty Images

Last month we started a series of polls where we'll monitor fan's feelings towards certain figures in the Tigers organization. In that inaugural post we briefly reviewed GM Dave Dombrowski's tenure, as well as what he had done over the winter to prepare for the 2015 season. The results were a 76 percent approval rating, with the remaining 24 percent of votes being split evenly between those who disapprove and those who were undecided.

Since that post, the only significant transaction the Tigers have made was the re-signing of Joba Chamberlain to a modest one-year contract. The team has begun their spring training workouts and the roster appears to be finalized, barring potential acquisitions of organizational depth or a rash of injuries, a la 2014.

Maybe that final beardless addition to the bullpen is enough to alter your opinion one way or another. Maybe the simple lack of new additions has convinced you to vote a certain way. Perhaps over the last month you've allowed recent events to sink in and have further developed your opinions. Or maybe you feel exactly the same way you did a month ago. Either way, let us know!