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Quiz: Can you name the 2015 Detroit Tigers Spring Training roster?

There were 58 players invited to Tigers camp this spring. How many can you name?

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been listening to Dan Dickerson and Jim Price broadcast the Tigers' spring training games so far, you've probably heard them sarcastically mention that a player has his locker on wheels, and/or close to the door. You may have heard them discuss the meaning behind a player's uniform number, particular when it's in the seventies or eighties. You may have even heard Dickerson announce a substitution, only to be met with a terse, "Who?" from his partner.

What they're joking about, of course, is the fact that spring training brings out a lot of players that you might not normally see in a Tigers' uniform. Actually, spring training just brings out a lot of players, period. A grand total of 58 players were invited to Tigers camp this year, and we found this little quiz to find out how much you've been paying attention.

Don't worry, the big names are in there too, so you should at least get those, right? Just click "Play" and you'll have ten minutes to make as many guesses as you can. All you have to do is type the name of a player into the box, and if he's on the list it will automatically populate. Have fun!