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'Who's your Tiger?' March Madness bracket: Sparky and Whitaker divisions

Let's finish the voting for the first round of our March Madness style bracket.

On Tuesday we introduced our "Who's your Tiger?" bracket. It's just like those basketball brackets you've been filling out, but this one is better, because it's about baseball. Tigers baseball, to be specific. More importantly, you won't be striking out half of your picks with a red marker, because in this bracket, you can't be wrong! We're simply asking you to identify your favorite Tigers player, so no matter what, your bracket is going to look great.

If you missed it on Tuesday, you can find the voting for the Harwell and Trammell Divisions here. Today, we're going to dive in to the Sparky Division and the Whitaker Division and separate the wheat from the chaff.

We'll start in the Sparky Division, where Victor Martinez holds the No. 1 seed, and we see a great matchup between late-inning relievers, and another between two strong young starters. Check out the voting below, and remember the rules: just pick your favorite!

Moving on to the Whitaker Division, where we see a little bit of everything. Youngsters and veterans, flashy defenders and flame-throwing relievers, fifth-starters and utility infielders. Maybe. Who ya got?

Make sure to check in again on Thursday to find out who moved on in the Harwell and Trammell Divisions, and vote for the second-round matchups!