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'Who's your Tiger?' March Madness bracket: Harwell and Trammell Round 2

Welcome to the second round of Bless You Boys' "Who's your Tiger?" bracket. On Tuesday and Wednesday we went over the first-round matchups, you can find those posts here and here. The Harwell Division and the Trammell Division turned out to be pretty boring, as all of the higher seeds advanced to the second round. Chalk one up for the selection committee there, I guess.

The second round of this tournament should be a lot more interesting, with plenty of potential for upsets. As a reminder, the concept of this bracket is very straightforward, we're just asking you about your opinion. The rules are simple -- just vote for the Tiger you like more! It doesn't even need to have anything to do with baseball.

In the Harwell Division, there was never even a contest. The closest matchup was between Rajai Davis and Steven Moya, as expected, but Davis advanced with a whopping 80.8% of the vote. His opponent in the second round, a big fella named Miguel Cabrera, took home 98.1% of the votes in his first round matchup, so Davis has his work cut out for him.

Our next match is between a couple of fairly new faces to the Tigers organization. But while they may not have been wearing Tigers' home whites for long, they still have plenty of pull among the fanbase. Both guys managed to grab over 91%of the votes in their first-round matches. This one looks to be a barn-burner, folks.

The Trammell Division contained one match that was at least close. Joakim Soria narrowly edged out James McCann with 53.1% of the votes. Soria will be taking on Anibal Sanchez in the second round, who handily dispatched McCann's main competition in Bryan Holaday.

The last decision of the day is a tough one. Alex Avila has been a presence in the Tigers lineup for over five years, but he's matched up against the guy who got the most votes of anyone in these two divisions. Yes, J.D. Martinez's 99.1% was even better than what Miggy received. They've both got big, charming smiles, and both can run into one now and again, but which one is your favorite?

That's all for now. On Friday we'll slide over to the Sparky Division and the Whitaker Division, and see who advanced to the second round.