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Pankake pun roundup

Sure, share a name with just one breakfast food and everyone wants to make jokes.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Last summer the Tigers drafted a certain prospect out of the University of South Carolina named Joey Pankake. Since then the jokes have been bubbling up, but during yesterday's spring training game things really got cooking.

Mr. Pankake came to the plate (after a hearty cheer from the away crowd) with the bases loaded and knocked in two runs with a single up the middle.

With this hit, Joey's ability to play syruptitiously was over and the out pouring of puns began.

Lynn gets things rolling even as he winces

From there Pat Caputo got some of the easy ones out of the way.

Mowery was required to participate

Things got serious when Bossmus got involved

Perhaps we should leave things to the professionals

What's left?

I bet they would sell like...well, they would sell briskly

I suppose we will find out in the comments.

So there you have it. Joey Pankake is now famous. He used to be just a batter and now he has a lot of skillet seems.

I fully expect him to address the media today and explain it is pronounced Pan-KAH-kay.