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BYB spring training FanPost contest voting is now underway!

Voting will be open for three days, and the winner will receive a pair of T-shirts from Don Kelly T-shirts.

Two weeks ago, we partnered up with Don Kelly T-shirts and announced a FanPost contest, with a couple awesome Tigers T-shirts (pictured above) serving as the grand prize. The two-week window to write FanPosts is now up, and voting will now begin. The voting will be conducted in the comments, just like in this post, and will be open for three days. Voting will conclude at 11:59 p.m. (that's midnight) on Wednesday, March 25th.

Here are the nominees, ranked in chronological order:

The Tram Visits D.C. by Thor02

Where Are They Now? A Look at Tigers Players From the Past Part 3: 2005 by mrsunshine

Can Justin Verlander Rebound in 2015? by hc3onthediamond

Ramblings of a baseball snob by sportz4life

The ABC's of Loving the Detroit Tigers by alygirl92

The MVP that should have been by votefortram

Beer of the Series 3.0 - Sporadic Spring Training Post by rbbaker

A Unique Simulated Re-Do of the 2008 Tigers by dishnet34

To boo or not to boo (Joe Nathan) by Max'sFangirl

North & South: What spring training means for us all by sierradean

What Will Happen in 2015 by texastigerfan

Tigers' Window of Contention Has Closed by N*W

Yankees/Tigers Recap, March 20 by frisbeepilot

Here's how the voting will work: each of the entries will be posted in a separate comment below, and your job as a voter is to "rec" the comment that contains your favorite FanPost. Your rec is your vote, and while you can vote for as many posts as you want, we encourage you to narrow it down to the one post that you think is most deserving. You'll need to have a SB Nation account to vote, and remember, voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25th!