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SB Nation partners with FanDuel for MLB Opening Day fantasy baseball contest

You can win real money with FanDuel, an SB Nation partner again in 2015.

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"Should I start Miggy or Victor?"
"Should I start Miggy or Victor?"
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

For the second year in a row, SB Nation is exclusively partnered with FanDuel, the baddest daily fantasy sports site* in all the land. There are tons of different games for tons of different sports, but the important part is that you -- well, not you, Patrick OKennedy, but the rest of you -- can win real money.

FanDuel has been around since 2009, and it has been giving out money to fantasy sports sharks ever since. Did your fantasy baseball draft go terribly? Did ESPN's awful software freeze and stick you with Emilio Bonifacio as your starting second baseman? Did you somehow draft the Detroit Lions' kicker as your catcher? No worries; FanDuel offers daily games, so you can reset your roster each day.

*Disclosure: FanDuel gave me some money to play with on their site -- I suck, and lost it all right away -- so I'm technically required to say that they're awesome. But it's still true.

Here's a video that shows you how to play.

There are some rules to this shindig, which you can read here. The big one: if you live in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, or Washington, you can't win any real money. Take it up with your state government, or move somewhere better.

Still interested? Great! Click this link and you're in for SB Nation's one-day Fantasy Baseball league. There's a $5 entry fee, but first place gets you $1,000 and four tickets to a game. We'll get back to you on whether FanDuel will buy the hot dogs too.


SB Nation is hosting a $6,000 one-day Fantasy Baseball league for MLB Opening Day on FanDuel. It's $5 to join and first place wins $1,000 and four tickets to a game.