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The best photos of MLB players and their dogs on National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day. Baseball. The "aww" factor is through the ruff.

Catherine Slonksnis

It's National Puppy Day! That means adorable pictures of puppies and full-sized dogs alike, and adding baseball to that is just awesome. Don't overthink it, just appreciate it. And on that note, the Detroit Tigers finally have a player who is obsessed with his dog.

Astro, David Price's dog, is one wonderful dog. Not only does he go pretty much everywhere Price goes, he sounds like he's snoring when he breathes. It's adorable, just trust us with this one. And he's an attention hog, which means he's ridiculously pampered.

Big Papi's big puppies!

The Brewers' official mascot is Hank the dog. It even has its own Twitter account. They have been winning National Puppy Day for a long time. Because, duh.

Yasiel Puig + puppies = Awwdorable. Plus, puppies increase one's bat flip abilities 10-fold. It's science.

He fits in a BASEBALL GLOVE.

The Padres seem to have an ongoing thing for puppies. And honestly, who wouldn't?

Catcher George Kottaras is in the White Sox organization now, but he bounced around with three teams last season. And that was after he was with the Chicago Cubs for a short time in spring training ... before they released him. But not before he posed for an awesome photo with his dog during photo day. You're welcome.

To be honest, I'm not sure what to make of Masahiro Tanaka's dog. It's kind of cute but at the same time I've never been a fan of small dogs, and the pup's fur matches Tanaka's sweater. So that's confusing. But when you're that dominant of a pitcher, I suppose you deserve a pass on your choice of dogs. Carry on.

This one's a bit older, but come on, who isn't going to "aww" at a picture of Justin Verlander and his dog? Of course, you know what they say about owners and their dogs ... they all look alike.

The only thing missing from Kyle Lobstein's photos of his dog all grown up, is the lobster hat. The hat, man, where's the hat? Other than that, this is picture perfect.

If this pup can do the same thing with a baseball, maybe the Rockies should draft him. His range would be incredible in the outfield. Imagine the plays!! His companion below might have a little more trouble, though.

In a way, scraggly puppies have it easier because humans feel sorry for them, and that usually results in people feeding puppies and taking them in. Case in point, the picture below. I'm not sure who owns whom. Also, that's an adorable smile Oscar has going on. Careful though, or he'll steal all the food from the grill when you're not looking.

A picture of a fluffy puppy with a baseball ... just because. And because it's adorable, that's why.

GREEN. HAIR. Well done, Athletics. Should we expect a rock album from his crew anytime in the near future?

Finally, as we wind down our tour of adorable dog pictures, there is one final photo we'd like to share with you that was discovered whilst perusing the archives. We have no idea how this fits in, unless the puppies eventually herd the cows. But really, the bigger question is how in the world did this come about in the first place? Either way, it's awesome. Happy National Puppy Day, everyone!

baseball cows

Photo credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports