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Quiz: Can you remember every Tigers manager?

There were 38 managers, so you'll get 38 guesses. How many can you name?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers first took the field as an American League team on April 25, 1901. (As you may now, they defeated Milwaukee in that game 14-13 after entering the bottom of the 9th trailing 13-4). Since then, the Tigers have been managed by 38 different men, including interim (but not acting) managers. While the successes and failures of the club are often pinned on the skipper, this doesn't always mean that the man in the manager's chair will be permanently remembered. After all, can you recall who managed Detroit to the 1945 World Series Championship? How about the 1940 AL Crown?

A true baseball junkie -- make that a true Tigers junkie -- probably knows the answers to those questions. However, it is another thing entirely to identify every single manager in franchise history. In the quiz below, you will be asked to do what any good manager does: push the right buttons. So far, the average score is 56% or 21.3 answers correct. Can you beat it?

Hat tip to Sporcle user Jay Hallahan, who created this quiz on April 2, 2012.