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'Who's your Tiger?' March Madness bracket: Semifinals

We're down to only two matchups, and yes, you have to pick one from each.

We've made it to the semifinal round of our "Who's your Tiger?" bracket! We've narrowed the roster down to four of our favorite Tigers, but now we need to eliminate two of them. Fair warning: this is not an activity for the faint of heart. Nonetheless, we have a responsibility to push forward, and select our collective Tiger.

As a reminder, the concept of this bracket is very straightforward, we're just asking you about your opinion. The rules are simple -- just vote for the Tiger you like more! It doesn't even need to have anything to do with baseball.

In this corner, fighting out of the Harwell Division, standing six-foot-four and weighing in at 240 pounds, the overall number-one seed, the Big Fella, the King with Three Crowns, Miguel Cabrera. His opponent in this round is a Cinderella story in J.D. Martinez, who came out of nowhere to put up better season at the plate than the more accomplished Cabrera last season. Martinez's meteoric rise propelled him to a narrow victory over Anibal Sanchez in the third round, but the experts are naming him the underdog in this semifinal matchup.

Our other matchup is an equally proportioned battle of titans. Neither Victor Martinez nor Justin Verlander had any trouble getting past their previous opponents, but one of them will have to go home now. Martinez, a four-year veteran of Detroit, re-signed with the Tigers for four more years in the offseason. He's the Robin to Cabrera's Batman, but is that enough to overcome a Cy Young and MVP award winner? Even the experts don't know the answer to that question, that's why we're asking you!

Well that was a bit painful, wasn't it? Tune in on Friday, when we'll finally wrap this thing up, and find out which player is our true Tiger!