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'Who's your Tiger?' March Madness bracket: Championship

We've finally reached our championship match, and it looks to be a slugfest.

We've eliminated every player on the Detroit Tigers 40-man roster, except for two. One of these men will be named the Bless You Boys "Who's your Tiger?" bracket champion, and the other will simply continue to exist in awesomeness. Your choice today is simple in the sense that there's only one decision to make. We're just going to present two names, and you just have to pick one. But it's not going to be simple in the sense that the decision will be an obvious one. Your options are Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez. You must choose one.

There's no sense in going on at-length about their accomplishments, they've been well-documented here at BYB and elsewhere. Suffice it to say, both are fantastic hitters who've firmly cemented themselves in Tigers' history. Let's take a look at what they've done in this competition so far.

Cabrera opened the tournament with a bang, mowing over Joe Nathan and Rajai Davis with no less than 95 percent of the votes in each matchup. In the third round he faced off against his on-field neighbor, Ian Kinsler, and barely broke a sweat, advancing with 90.7 percent of votes.

Some wondered if J.D. Martinez, who had been a Cinderella story both in real life and in this tournament -- he toppled Anibal Sanchez in the third round -- could summon enough magic to threaten Cabrera, but he didn't come close. Cabrera breezed his way through the Final Four with 85.1 percent of the votes. With such a dominant performance shown to this point, the experts are giving Cabrera the edge in the championship match.

But his opponent isn't a lightweight by any stretch of the imagination. Martinez has an impressive resume of his own, grabbing a ridiculous 98.5 percent of votes from prospect Dixon Machado in the first round, and subsequently bowling over Al Alburquerque and dark horse candidate Jose Iglesias.

His matchup against Justin Verlander in the Final Four was the definition of madness, as he advanced with only 50.8 percent of votes on a last-second buzzer beater. This is the same Verlander, by the way, who handily defeated former Cy Young winner and future Tigers' Opening Day starter David Price. Martinez is the underdog in this one, but it should be a close one. Can he pull off the upset?