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Quiz: Can you name the Detroit Tigers Opening Day lineups since 1991?

With 250 answers, this one is pretty tough. Were you paying attention over the last 25 years?

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Opening Day is the culmination of months of anticipation on the part of offseason-weary baseball fans. It is the renewal of the grand old game, the advent of another year of diamond delights.

While Opening Day is very important to the fans, it has an added layer of meaning to those who will be taking the field. Making the Opening Day roster is a big honor and being in the starting lineup is the icing on the cake.

In this installment of the Sporcle quiz series, we're asking you to name those who have been penciled-in to the Opening Day lineups for your Detroit Tigers, dating back to 1991. There are 250 answers and some of them should be pretty obvious. But beware of Sporclitis, the dreaded disease in which one remembers one or more of the most obscure answers, while forgetting an easy one.

Hat tip to Sporcle user Gord93, who created this quiz on October 14, 2009.

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