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Texts with Dombrowski: Justin Verlander hits the disabled list

On Thursday, news broke that Justin Verlander will start the season on the disabled list, the first stint of his 10-year career. Verlander was pulled early from his start on March 28 with some tightness in his upper right arm. The injury was initially called a "triceps cramp," a diagnosis that came from the Tigers before the game had even concluded.

The odd part is that cramps don't often occur in the arm. Some fans were skeptical that the Tigers were truly giving the public an entirely accurate description of the injury, but the announcement that they would forego an MRI was reassuring. The assumption was that if the Tigers didn't see the need for an MRI, the injury must not be all that serious.

Then, the next day, reports surfaced that Verlander was still sore. That news all but confirmed that the injury was not, in fact, a cramp. Later, the team announced that Verlander wouldn't be making his next scheduled spring training start. Then came the news that he would start the season the disabled list, and miss his first, and potentially second, regular-season start. All of this uncertainty has left Tigers fans with a sick feeling feeling in their stomachs.

But if there's a silver lining to all of that doom and gloom, it's that the super secret Bless You Boys sources have once again hacked into Dave Dombrowski's phone and uncovered some information regarding Verlander and his mysterious injury.